About Us
I dug my own pond in the summer of 2000, with a shovel and a lot of determination.  The pond measures
24' x 18' x 3' deep, and it has a 5' tall waterfall.  It took me three months to dig the entire pond, by hand,
and have it up and running and ready for fish.  (Suffice it to say, I NEVER want to dig a pond that big by
hand again!)  There have been several changes to the design of the filtration system and I use my own
pond for experimentation.  One of the first things that I learned is that Pond People, by and large, are
good people.  I mean REALLY  good people.  They are willing to share their experiences with you, both
good and bad, are often generous beyond reason, you, both good and bad, are often generous beyond
reason, always have a kind word to say about your pond, and are happy to help you solve whatever
problems or questions you might run across.  My hope is that my work measures up to the high
standards they have set.
The American Dream - Passion for Ponds, Inc. was conceived and founded in the fall of 2001, just after the attacks on the World
Trade Center and the Pentagon. In a sense, a defiant act in the face of the threat of terrorism that gripped our nation - a woman,
starting her own business, in a free, democratic society - economy and Al-Qaeda be damned.

All of us at Passion for Ponds have a pond of our own, so we are very particular about the ponds we install because we already
know through our own experience what works and what doesn't.  Although the work is often dirty and back-breaking, each of us
loves working on, in and around ponds.

Our goal is to share the joys of owning a pond or water garden, and to make the experience a success for our clients.  We strive
to exceed our clients' expectations, and hope that you find the pages of this web site informative, interesting, and maybe even a
little bit inspirational.
About Me
You can do anything you want to with your life . . .
except change someone else.
                              Frieda McArdell
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About Sue
Sue loves fancy goldfish, and when I say 'love', I really mean it.  Her fish eat out of her hand,
and enjoy being 'petted'.  She had experience keeping fancy goldfish in an aquarium
environment prior to digging her own pond in 2003, but the pond has opened up a whole
new world of opportunities for her obsession.  Like most ponders, she also enjoys gardening,
and the landscaping around her pond reflects that love.

Unfortunately, an injury at her "other job" has left her with only minimal use of her arms, and
she is unable to lift.  She does, however, make a wonderful target for jumping koi that we are
trying to catch, is a dear friend, and a vital aspect of this company.
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About Karen
I dug Karen's pond in 2002, when she was still working full-time plus.  After she retired from the
corporate world, she started working with me, and I still don't know why.  It's not like I'm any
great fun to work with, and the work is extremely hard. Karen is a tireless worker, she loves
ponds, is obsessed with rocks, and is always there for me, willing to do whatever it takes to get
the job done.
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We have worked through some pretty horrible conditions together, and despite the heat, cold,
wind, rain and sleet, we've managed to have a good time doing it.  In the picture to the left,
she is seated in a pond that we reconstructed which had an island in the center of it.  The
reason for the island, we found out, was because there was a huge tree stump in the middle of
the yard where the pond had been installed that the previous "installer" didn't feel like
removing it.  Since the entire yard is fenced and fully planted, we had to remove the stump by
hand, chipping away the dirt around it until it was fully exposed.  Hauling the thing off was no
picnic either!  Fortunately, we only had to haul it as far as Karen's house, where she turned it
into a lovely yard ornament.

She truly is a driving force behind this company and one of the best friends a person could
hope to have.  I don't deserve her, but she sticks with me anyway.