General Tips About Buying Fish
Every fish you purchase for your pond is infected with something.  That's just a fact.  No matter where you get it from or how
long it was quarantined, it WILL introduce something into your established pond environment.  Think of it this way:  You have
fish in your pond that have come from all over the world.  They are all living together in a confined space, and they all seem to
be healthy.  The fish you HAVE in your established pond have all been exposed to the same pathogens and such.  The new fish
you are adding has not.  The new fish can do a couple of things.

1. It can introduce something to your pond that IT is immune to, but YOUR fish are not, and your fish can contract the new
virus or parasite.

2. The fish in your pond are immune to something that the new fish is not.  Through no fault of it's own the new fish contracts
whatever disease it is not immune to and dies.  Once the disease has a stronghold in the new fish, the other fish in your pond
can succumb to it, even though they had previously been able to fend it off because the parasite was kept at bay.  Or,

3. Everybody is fine, and they all live healthy, happy lives in your garden paradise.

The point I'm trying to make is this:  PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FISH!  Any time you add new plants or new fish, you run the risk
of introducing something into your pond that can infect your fish with something.  Be aware of the potential problem before it
exists and you can beat it by taking precautionary measures.
If you buy your fish from a pet store, it is likely that they do not bag their fish with pure oxygen, but instead trap air in the bag
and rubberband or tie it shut.  Typically at a koi/goldfish show however, the fish are almost always bagged in pure O2, but not
always.  It is your job to ask.  If your fish are going to be in the bag for more than 2 hours, you need to have them packed in
pure O2.  Otherwise they will suffocate before you ever get a chance to kill them at home.  Fish properly packaged with O2 can
live for up to 3 days in the same bag, although I do not reccommend pushing it this far.

Did you know that fish expell up to 75% of the ammonia they produce through their GILLS?  That's right, their urine is only a
drop in the bucket - - er, so to speak.  Fish purchased at a show have typically not been fed for three days prior to shipping
them to the show, so they produce less solid waste in the bag.  This does not stop them from producing ammonia, however.

When your fish are bagged, there should only be enough water in the bag to completely cover the fish.  Don't let your supplier
point, and the last thing you want to do is carry a bag full of water around with you or have to ship it home.
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