Koi Basics - Single Color Varieties
These are the three varieties of Hikari Muji (Hee-kah-ree Moo-jee) that fall under the Ogon (Oh-gon) classification.  Although you
can purchase solidly colored koi in a wide range of other colors (black, red, green, copper, blue, tan), they are not considered
Ogons (
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A single colored koi falls under the variety of Hikari Muji (Hee-kah-ree Moo-jee), the most common of these being the Ogon but
some of us old pond farts love them too.  I have often (privately) considered having a pond set up with only Yamabuki Ogons in
it because I love their bright yellow color so much.  But again, I digress . . . .
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First up, the Platinum Ogon (Platinum Oh-gon)
The Platinum Ogon (Platinum Oh-gon) is, as it's name suggests, a bright white, almost head to
tail, and the white color of the skin and fins should be opaque and not transparent.  When ) variety
should be uniform in color from head to tail, and the white color of the skin and fins should looking
for a good Platinum Ogon (Platinum
Oh-gon), take a close look at the head and make sure it is
solidly opaque.  As the fish grows, you will appreciate having purchased a quality fish instead of a
crappy one, as it's faults will become more apparent as it's size increases.
Next up, the Yamabuki Ogon (Yah-ma-boo-kee Oh-gon)
The Yamabuki Ogon (Yah-ma-boo-kee Oh-gon) is a solidly colored yellow fish.  The Japanese have a
number of words for the color yellow, and in this case, the term Yamabuki (
Yah-ma-boo-kee) is used.  
All other koi varieties with yellow coloration are catagorized with the word Ki (
Kee) in front of the
variety name instead of Yamabuki (
Yah-ma-boo-kee), but in the case of the Ogon (Oh-gon), the entire
word must be used instead of the shortened version.  Again, pay close attention to the head when
purchasing one of these koi, as well as the placement of the scales and opaque color of the fins.
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Finally, we have the Orenji Ogon (Oar-en-jee Oh-gon)
The Orenji Ogon (Oar-en-jee Oh-gon) is a color variety that the Japanese didn't really have a
name to describe it with, as there is no word in Japanese for the color orange, so the English
word was adapted.  An Orenji Ogon (
Oar-en-jee Oh-gon) should be obviously orange, and not
red.  If it is red, it is in another Hikari Muji (
Hee-kah-ree Moo-jee) class altogether.  If you think
of the color of your garden variety, common goldfish, you will be looking at about the same color
as an Orenji Ogon (
Oar-en-jee Oh-gon).  As soon as I can find a decent picture of one, I'll post it
To see examples, descriptions, and the names of these other single colored koi, let's move on to the next page.
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