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Other single colored koi are also very popular because of their unusual color or their personalities.  You might find some of
these varieties unattractive at first, and their colors might take some getting used to.  Often, they grow on you and they can be
considered an acquired taste.
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The Chagoi (Cha-goy)
The Chagoi (Cha-goy) is one of the most popular single color varieties not only for it's
unusual rich, coffee color, but because of it's temperament, or personality.  (This particular
Chagoi (
Cha-goy) is a Doitsu (Doyt-sue), or scaleless variety, but you can purchase a Chagoi
in all three scale varieties.)  The Chagoi is well known for it's tranquil personality.  If you
have skittish fish in your pond, adding a Chagoi may be the answer to your problems.  For
some reason, the presence of a Chagoi in a pond has a calming effect on the rest of the
fish, and Chagoi are often the first to hand feed, with the rest following suit soon after.  
soon be the largest, calmest fish in your pond.  They are truly a joy to own.
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The Sorigoi (Sore-a-goy)
The Sorigoi (Sore-a-goy)
is considered blue, even
though it appears to be
grey to the average
person.  Also a very nice,
calming fish to add to your
The Kigoi (Kee-goy)
The Kigoi (Kee-goy) is
a solid yellow,
non-metallic koi.  If it
were metallic, it would
be a Yamabuki Ogon
).  Earlier, I said
that Yamabuki
Yah-ma-boo-kee), or
the Japanese word for
yellow, was often
shortened to just "Ki".  
Well, there you go . . .
The Benigoi (Ben-nee-goy)
is a solid red koi, "Beni"
Ben-nee) meaning red.  
However, Beni (
Ben-nee) is
not the only word for red
used to describe the color of
koi.  Depending on the
variety, the red may be
refferred to as "Hi" (
Hee) or
"Aka" (
Ah-kah), but we'll get
to that later.  This particular
Benigoi (
Ben-ee-goy) is a
Gin-Rin (
Ging-Ling), or
diamond scale.
The Benigoi (Ben-nee-goy)
The Midorigoi (Mid-ore-ee-goy)
The Midorigoi (Mid-ore-ee-goy)
is one cool fish.  Green in
color, this particular Midorigoi
Mid-ore-ee-goy) is a Doitsu
Doyt-sue), but Midorigoi
Mid-ore-ee-goi) are available
in all scale varities. If you find
one of these fish and can afford
it, don't pass it up.  You may
not see one again for a VERY
long time!
The Karasu (Kah-rah-sue)
The Karasu (Kah-rah-sue), or
"Crow Fish" is a velvety black
koi with a red belly.  They are
highly prized because having
a black koi in your pond is
supposed to be good luck.  
They are, in fact, quite
impressive when they appear
out to the depths to feed.
You may or may not have noticed that,
with the exception of the Karasu
Kah-rah-sue), each of these koi variety
names ends in "goi" (
goi).  As I mentioned
earlier, the Japanese name for koi is
Nishikigoi (
Nah-she-kee-goy).  Over the
years, it was ultimately shortened to just
"Koi", but the Japanese "Goi" remains
present in these varieties names to this
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