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When we first arrived at the site,
there was a female mallard duck at
the site who had claimed the
courtyard as her nesting ground.  
She had been coming to the
courtyard for over a year, trying to
hatch and raise her young, but
unfortunately, with no viable water
source, the newly hatched ducklings
had no safe place to go, and fell
prey to crows within hours of
On the day of our pond construction, the
female mallard was sitting on 12 eggs!  
There was barely enough duck to cover all
the eggs, but somehow, 11 of them hatched.
Since the hatchlings now had an escape
from preditors, ALL of them survived.  
You can imagine how delighted the
residents were to have these darling, fluffy
additions to their facility.  As the babies
grew, they became very friendly, as the
residents fed them out the windows of the
We went back and installed a "duck ramp"
so the babies could enter and exit the pond
with ease.
This bench was constructed and donated by
a club member.  Of course, this is not it's
perminent location, but it is such a
wonderful piece, it deserves to be shown.

Scotchwood Healthcare was very grateful
for the work we all did at their facility, and
placed an ad in the local paper to thank us
all for our hard work and donations.
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