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More to come!!!  Please check back
later for updates to this page!
As a fellow ponder, I know how difficult it can be to find what you are looking for,
especially when you're not quite sure what it
is you're looking for!  Lots of places will
sell you a pump, for example, and claim it will be all you'll ever need.  The truth is,
most of "them" don't have their own pond, so "they" don't know what works, and what
doesn't.  "They" just know what their sales rep told them.  These are the "them", the
"they", these are the Men in Black . . . . KIDDING!

Just because you don't see the special thingy or wigamado you need shown here
doesn't mean we can't get it.  We don't carry a lot of things in stock for a couple of
reasons.  First, because there isn't one "right" pump for every application, and we
would rather order you what you need than push something we have in stock, and
second, because we would have to pass the overhead of warehousing all that stuff on
to you.

We can usually get just about anything you can imagine within 2 days.  Most of the
time, we can have it shipped right to your door.  The only thing we require is that you
pay for the item at the time you order it from us.  With this system, we can get you
just what you need for the best possible price.

Tell us what you want to do, and we will find a product that does it.  Just send me an
e-mail at, or call me at 309-310-5098
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I am currently updating pricing and adding to this page, so
it is still under construction.  

Product pages shown in blue and underlined are current.

Please check back or call me if you don't see what you need.