Algae Treatments

One of the most popular and effective ways to combat pea soup algae is through the use of
barley straw.  As barley straw decomposes in your pond water, it releases enzymes which break
down the cell walls of the algae and make it impossible for the algae to reproduce.  Personally, I
don't like to see a bale of barley straw in a pond, but when you have green water, you'll try
almost anything!  If you are using a bale of barley straw to control algae in your pond, you must
be sure to place the bale where it will have constant water flow through the bale, usually in
your skimmer box or waterfall.  The bacteria that break down the barley straw need a constant
supply of oxygenated water to work.
Barley straw is also sold in pellet form and as a liquid extract. The liquid form obviously works
the fastest, won't add any organic material to your pond or filter system, won't cause
discoloration of the water as it decomposes, and is by far the best value when you compare
dollars to gallons.  Sorry - I don't sell this in the smaller sizes because, well, it's not cost
effective for YOU.  You'll actually save a lot of money if you break down the cost of purchasing
one 32 oz. bottle instead of 4 - 8 oz. or 2 - 16 oz. bottles.  It's not like this stuff "goes bad", so it
makes more sense to buy it in "bulk".
According to my sources, whose names have been withheld to protect the innocent,
AlgaeFix is the hottest selling algae treatment on the market right now.  It is said to not
only combat suspended algae, but string and blanket algae as well.  Several of my clients
have used it with great success, however, be advised that this is not an instant fix.  It takes
a few weeks to kill back the algae.  If you have ever had string algae, congratulations.  At
least you can see your fish!  String algae is higher on the evolutionary scale than suspended
algae, and therefore, if you have string algae, you don't usually have suspended algae.  
However, string algae can become a real problem for your pumps and filtration if it gets
out of control, and it doesn't take long to get out of control.  I have heard stories of
people pulling bushel baskets full of string out of their ponds twice a day and still not being
able to keep up with the stuff!  The trick to successfully winning the battle against string
algae is to get started early in the season - before the algae has had a chance to establish
itself.  If you had string algae last year, you will be UNhappily surprised tofind that when
the ice melts, you will STILL have string algae!  This stuff has really learned how to
survive!  Chalk it up to millions of years of evolution.
Continued Treatment Throughout the Season is Recommended
GreenClean by BioSafe Systems
AlgaeFix by PondCare
Barley Straw Bales and Pellets and Liquid Extract
32 oz. bottle (Treats 9,600 gallons)
64 oz. bottle (Treats 19,000 gallons)
128 oz. bottle (Treats 38,000 gallons)
320 oz. bottle (Treats 95,000 gallons)
$28.00 + shipping
$51.50 + shipping
$89.25 + shipping
$162.89 + shipping
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Used for Controlling Green Water (Pea Soup) Algae
MicrobeLift brand - 32 oz. (Treats 6,400 gallons)
MicrobeLift brand - 64 oz. (Treats 12,800 gallons)
EasyPro Brand - 32 oz.  (Treats 6,400 gallons)
EasyPro Brand - 128 oz.  (Treats 25,600 gallons)
$30.00 + shipping
$51.50 + shipping
$26.00 + shipping
$56.25 + shipping
Used for Controlling String Algae
GreenClean has been on the market for a couple of years, but I was always sceptical to try
anything that said it "provides immediate algae control".  After all, a bunch of dead, dissolving
organics in your pond are exactly what will cause another, bigger, algae bloom! This product is,
however, 100% natural and works through oxidation.  It is safe for all forms of pond life at as
much as twice the recommended dose, and can be used in it's granular form to treat specific
problem areas of string algae growth.  Dead matter floats to the surface where it can be
removed with a net, by hand, or get sucked into the skimmer.  I have personally used this
product on a severe string algae problem with remarkable results.
Continued Treatment Throughout the Season is Recommended
GreenClean brand  - 2 lb. jar
GreenClean brand - 8 lb. jar
EasyPro brand - 2 lb. jar
EasyPro brand - 8 lb. jar
$28.25 + shipping
$59.25 + shipping
$20.00 + shipping
$61.75 + shipping
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