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Books About Koi
Ponding is a rather new phenomenon, whereas koi keeping dates back hundreds of
years.  Wanna guess how many KOI books there are out there??  Lots.  And lots.  To
be honest with you, I do not own
Still Waters, but I would like to.  (Christmas
boutique gift idea?)  

I do own
Koi - Living Jewels of the Orient, and it is a FANTASTIC book!  I love it!  For
about half the cost, you can get "The Professional's Book of Koi", which is also
packed with good information, although I haven't had a chance to read the whole
thing yet.  If you're going to get only one book about koi, get "Koi - Living Jewels of
the Orient".  You won't be disappointed.  (Just so you know, there is another book
out there that has almost an IDENTICAL cover.  Don't be deceived!  Make sure you
get the right one!)
There are, quite frankly, about fifty million books out there about ponds and/or water gardens.  Most of them are trash, as they
won't really show you the "guts" of ponding.  That said, I would recommend just about any book by Helen Nash.  "The Pond
Doctor" is a MUST for any beginner.  It has chapters you may not use, but it does give you a pretty good dose of fish facts,
diseases and nutrition.  She has a myriad of books published along the same line, with concentrations on different topics, so
some of her work is repeated in other books, but they are still worth the read.
"The Pond Doctor" for

It is currently the only
one of these titles from
Helen Nash that we
carry in stock.

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Books About Other Stuff
To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism;
to steal from many is research.
                                            Steven Wright
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Product Reviews:  What NOT to Buy
Another book that has gotten rave reviews is Koi
Appreciation - The First Step
by Kate McGill.  I
haven't gotten my hands on a copy of this one, but
it's ordered, and I can't WAIT!  I will also carry this
in stock.  Pricing to be determined.
One book that any serious pond owner should have in
their library is
Koi Health and Disease by Dr. Erik L.
Johnson, D.V.M.  So highly valued is this book that
you rarely see a used one for sale.  You
may be able
to get the 1997 edition on Amazon, but it will be
years before you can get a used copy of the 2006
edition.  You may as well just buy one from the
author.  Click here to purchase your
Koi Health and
Disease 2006 Reload edition.
Get these if you can!  Oh, and send
Nishikigoi - Still Waters to me.
There are a number of books out there on related subjects that I have really enjoyed reading.  
I'll try to post titles, authors, and descriptions as I find them.  It's a process . . . .  For starters,
this Ortho book on
Creating Japanese Gardens has more information in it than the other five
Japanese garden books I purchased combined.