Medications and Cures
When you have a sick fish, there are three ways to treat it.  From the outside (topically), from the inside (internally), and by
treating the water (which essentially treats the fish from both the inside AND the outside).  A single treatment may work, but a
combination of two or more of these treatments may be the fastest way to cure the problem.
DeBride Medicated Ointment

This ointment can successfully heal ulcers, if they are caught early enough.  If the
ulcer is too far advanced, the only possible treatment may be Baytril injections, and
once your fish has an advanced ulcer, it is questionable if even Baytril will cure it.  If
you're squeamish about injecting a koi, find a vet who will.  The best defense is a
good offense, so it is best to keep a tube of this in stock so it is readily available
when you need it.

    12 grams                                         $24.95 + shipping
DeBride RX Medicated Food

Sick fish tend to hang near the bottom of the pond or quarantine tank, so
this sinking food is more likely to entice them to eat.  Sick fish should be
quarantined so other fish are less likely to succumb to the same disease,
and so that the healthy fish don't eat up all the medicated food!  By
over-medicating your fish, the parasites CAN build up an immunity to the
treatment, so it is best to only treat the fish that are sick.  As with all food
products, freshness is of utmost importance, I do not recommend ordering
this food unless you need it.  I can get it in a couple of days, and your fish
won't mind the delay.        
2 pounds                                              $29.95
      5 pounds                                              $59.95
Treat From the Outside
Treat From the

KoiZyme is a biological formula of naturally occuring bacteria, enzymes and
micro nutrients.  When KoiZyme is introduced into pond water that is
infected with pathogens, the KoiZyme competes with these pathogens for the
nutrients in the pond water.  The KoiZyme will consume these nutrients and
thus starve out the pathogens, which will then be reduced to such a low level
that they will not have an effect on our fish.  For more information on this
product and how it works, please see   It is recommended
that this product be used as a part of regular pond maintenance for best
      8 ounces                $19.95 plus shipping
      16 ounces              $36.95 plus shipping
      32 ounces              $71.95 plus shipping
      Gallon                 $230.00 plus shipping
Treat the Water
Other medications I hope you never need:

I carry a number of medications in stock that are somewhat difficult to find, like Potassium
Permanganite, Malachite Green Crystals, Pond Formalin and the like.  If you need one of these, please
contact me and we will discuss symptoms, prognosis, treatment, dosage rates and mortality rates.  This
is dangerous stuff and should only be handled by someone who is aware of the risks and precautions
associated with each.
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