Miscellaneous Stuff You Might Need
Great Blue Heron                                            IN STOCK    $40.00
Life size and realistically painted.  Comes with gray PVC stake.  Weatherproof.

If you have a problem with a REAL blue heron visiting your pond for a quick meal, you might
want to give this a try.  Blue heron are supposed to be territorial, so if they see another bird
at the pond, they go elsewhere.  Supposedly.  You will need to move your heron around a
couple of times a day, so the other bird thinks it's real.  This item is not guaranteed to work
to ward off blue heron, vampires or ex-boyfriends.
Motion Activated Scarecrow Sprinkler                        $95.00 + Shipping
A safe, effective way to keep heron, raccoons, dogs, deer, small neighbor children, and other
animals away from your pond or garden.  The Scarecrow motion detector can be set to "spot"
intruders up to 35' away and will release a three second blast of water to scare away pests.
Laguna Pond Netting                                 
12' x 15'             IN STOCK             $25.00
15' x 20'             IN STOCK             $40.00
20' x 30'             IN STOCK             $75.00
Laguna offers three sizes of this heavy weight pond netting to protect fish from
predators, keep fish from jumping out and prevent leaves and other debris from
ruining water quality.  Each cover comes with the necessary stakes for installation.
Audio sounds provided by www.Freesound.org
38391- volivieri water flows over rock.wav
72722 - Manuel Calurano - Conversation
between a nightingale and a frog.mp3
Write me at:  pondgal@gridcom.net
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Product Reviews:  What NOT to Buy
*Connects to any garden hose
*Runs on one 9 volt battery for months
*Detects animals day or night!
*Easy to install, move and store
*A humane solution to intruders
*Water conserving design only uses 2-3
cups of water per time
*Sprays only over area to be protected
*Overall height is 24"
This water lily has fooled even experienced water gardeners!  Each  water lily cluster comes with four (4) pads, three (3) open
blooms and two (2) buds (pot not included).  If you can't wait until June to have color in your pond, you will love these.  I only
have a limited quantity, so if you want one, don't wait.  Four colors are available:
The Best Fake Water Lily You Will Ever Find!
Rosy Morn Pink
Mrs. Martin E. Randig Purple
Lemonaide Yellow
Blue Capensis
$20.00 each
$20.00 each
$20.00 each
$20.00 each
This picture was taken in mid-February after an unseasonably
warm weekend.  I stuck the fake water lilies in the pond without
anyone seeing me do it on Friday afternoon.  Monday morning
everyone in the building thought the water lilies had bloomed
over the weekend!  Ahhhhh - there is no rest for the wicked.
So you weren't able to keep all the leaves out of your pond?  I have
found that the Leaf Eater garden hose attachment works the best
for removing leaves and other large debris off the bottom of ponds
with large, open spaces, as this particular model is a bit difficult to
manuver in tight spaces.  It comes with an extra large mesh bag,
brushes and wheels for all types of bottom surfaces.  A fine mesh
silt bag is also available for vacuuming fine debris and sediment
out of ponds and tanks.  Handles sold separately.
Leaf Eater                 $65.00 plus shipping
Mini Vac                                                      $45.00 plus shipping
I recently purchased this Mini Vac for use in ponds with cramped spaces, and although I haven't tried
this particular product yet, I am confident that it will work as well as the Leaf Eater because it is
designed under the same principals.  It is also designed for use with a garden hose, or any 1 1/4" or 1
1/2" vacuum hose.  Comes complete with debris collector bag, hose adapter and brush or wheel
attachments for smooth or rough surfaces.  Handles sold separately.
Extension Poles
These high quality two piece aluminum telescoping handles can be used with either the
Leaf Eater or the Mini Vac shown above.
8' model
$22.95 plus shipping
11 1/2' model
$29.95 plus shipping