Water Quality
1 gallon
treats 7,680
AmQuel is manufactured by Kordon, and is the product used by most pond owners to
eliminate chlorimines from pond water.  Chlorimines are a combination of chlorine and
ammonia.  Most cities and municipalities add chlorine to the water to eliminate
bacteria.  Chlorine, however, will dissipate when exposed to the air, so the cities found
out that if they added ammonia to the mix, the chlorine would hang around a lot
longer.  Thus, we have the creation of chloramines.  Both chlorine and ammonia are
deadly to fish.  Both will strip the gills and the fish will ultimately suffocate.  AmQuel
will bind the chlorine and ammonia so that it is nontoxic to fish.  Be careful when using
an ammonia test kit after adding AmQuel, because some ammonia test kits will still show
significant levels of ammonia in the water.  However, this ammonia is bound up, and is
no longer a threat to your fish.  It is very difficult to overdose with AmQuel, so don't be
afraid to use it.  We sell it by the gallon only because it is the best deal for your money,
and you will use it within your first season.
Probably the most popular micro-bacterial additive is Microbe Lift.  When your pond is new, or is just coming out of it's winter
dormancy period, it will take some time to establish the good bacteria in your filter.  This product has a number of benefits.
*  Reduces ammonia and nitrogen levels
*  Reduces larve of water breeding insects like flies and mosquitoes
Microbe Lift Professional Blend
  • Creates a healthy pond environment, promoting faster fish growth
  • Helps break down existing algae and reduces new algae blooms
  • Improves dissolved oxygen levels
  • Dissolves away organic sludge and slime
  • Works in water temperatures below 55º Fahrenheit and will not be ruined if frozen;
    bacteria will retain viability after thawing

In addition to these many benefits, Microbe Lift Professional Blend also contains doses of
Microbe Lift TheraP and Microbe Lift Ensure, which are claimed (by the manufacturer) to:
*  Biologically support a healthy immune system
*  Reduce Stress
*  Improve dissolved oxygen levels                              
*  Digest fish waste
*  Promote fish growth                                               
*  Stimulate plant growth and increase blooming        
*  Clarify discolored water
*  Increase plant's ability to utilize nutrients

I do not carry Microbe Lift in anything but the Professional Blend.  It is not packaged as
"pretty" as the retail blend, but has more benefits and is about half the cost.
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